Thursday, July 24, 2008

Circus Tents

What's Hot!

This blog entry is dedicated strictly to shameless self-promotion! I direct you to my free images on my web site but I also want to bring my for sale items to your attention.

It's summertime and everybody loves the carnival!

By far, my most popular images these days are my circus tents and clowns. See my circus tents on my web site.

I also have higher resolution versions of my circus tents available. Be sure to check them out! (and thanks to all of you designers that continue to buy my rights-managed art work!)

Who would've thought? I under estimated the popularity of my Awesome Clip Art Collection

This is a collection of all the images found on my website to date but in a higher resolution and with commercial rights.

I hope everyone continues too enjoy my free clip art and be sure to share the word about my work.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Clip Art Projects

I took a brief hiatus from the web sit in order to put together a CD of most of the clip art found at

I received so many emails from members and visitors requesting to purchase a CD that I realized it was time to make one.

I took most of the images currently found on the web site and I put them together on a CD in a higher resolution format than is available from the web site and I included a commercial license for business, non-profit and government use.

The CD also includes a printable .PDF catalogue of the images.

I am also lining up some new clip art to update the web site... Finally!

Thanks to all my supporters who have been so patient while I was working on the CD. Keep coming back to the web site and keep the emails coming. I love to get them!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Free Clip Art

Just a quick note to let everyone know that for a limited time, I am offering free, unlimited memberships to that means free clip art for you guys that are quick to take advantage of it.

I've added some new images and some flower images as well. All the new graphics as well as our regular gallery are available for no cost while this offer lasts.

One technical note as well... the ecards are not getting to the recipiant for some reason. we are trying to resolve this. In the meantime, if anyone tries to send an ecard and has success, could you please let us know. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Clip Art

I don't know where you are while you are reading this but here, where I am, Spring is slow in coming. We had snow last night and I'm anxious for the sun to warm up and melt all of that white stuff. I won't let the weather dampen my spirits. I will press forward with creating my new Spring Clip Art!

Over the next couple of weeks, you will see the new spring clip art appear on I may even put some of it in the free area.
I'm designing the usual stuff lick flowers, and happy creatures. I also have some more creative stuff in the works. So keep checking to see what's new for spring clip art!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Free Clip Art

I have set up a new category that offers free clip art downloads.

We take select images and offer them as free clip art for anyone to download and the selection changes every week.

Be sure to check our website every week to see what free clip art is availble for download.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Black and White Clip Art

Wow! Who would have thought that the black and white clip art on our website would have been so popular! Click here to see it

To My Black and White ImagesWe are getting lots of requests and a lot of hits on our black and white clip art. Many of you like to use it for kid's activities like coloring. They are high resolution but if you print them using the Windows printing wizard, you can automatically fit them to a letter sized page. Thanks for the compliments about our work and keep the requests coming. That's what makes the quality of our art work better.

Keep the requests comming in and we will continue to produce the black and white clip art that's so much in demand.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Custom Wall Decals

I recently had the fun experience of designing and producing some wall decals for a child's room.

It was great fun and a rewarding experience. I learned alot about the process of creating wall decals and I realized it was not as difficult nor as expensive as I would have thought.

There are some websites out there that will tell you how to make them yourself. Don't even bother. All you need to do is find the high resolution artwork you want (I used my own from my website) and take it to a reputable sign maker or print shop. They will make them up quicker and easier than you ever could with the do-it-yourself kits. The price we paid was about $15.00 for every 3 feet of film we used to produce the custom decals.

Just remember, the key to producing Quality, wall decals is to start with high resolution art work. If you have low res artwork and you want to enlarge it, it will look horrible.